Monday, June 15, 2009

Planet Scheme Upgrade - Please check that your blog still works on Planet Scheme

Dear Planet Scheme Bloggers,

The software behind Planet Scheme has gotten a long due upgrade.
After writing your next blog entry, please make sure your blog entry
arrives correctly at the front page of Planet Scheme. (Planet Scheme
updates every 3 hours, so be patient).

Details: Before Planet Scheme used Planet Planet (but despite the
text on its web site, it is no longer maintained). The replacement
software is Planet Venus - which understood the old configuration
and template files with no (known) problems.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Solving a Museum of the evening, I coffee.

Scheme is thriving in Japan. As proof I offer a link to a Japanese version of Planet Scheme, namely Planet Scheme Japan . I couldn't resist reading the site with a little help from Google Translate, and the translation is at times quite amusing. 

Hopefully one of Planet Scheme's Japanese readers can help us get with the real translation of: "Solving a Museum of the evening, I coffee."  (Search for "571" in order to find the post on the Japanese site).

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Never turn your back on an unused email-account.

Never turn your back on an unused email-account.
The past month no new blog entries appeared at Planet Scheme. At first I thought the summer was to blame on the lack of blog activity. Today I found out that the web server had run out of disk space. An out of use email-account had received unmentionable amounts of spam. Sigh.

Bloggers: If you discover that your posts are missing on Planet Scheme, please give me a hint by email or by posting a note here.

And now I am off to figure out to impose a limit on mail accounts...