Tuesday, April 18, 2006

PLT Source Browser

The PLT Source Browser is now uptodate.

Since the last update a series of interesting stuff has appeared at PLaneT.

Douglas Williams released version 2.2 of his Science Collection. It now features a browsable html reference manual. It is loaded with examples and plots. For example a histogram of the results of 10.000 trials of summing two dice.

Noel Welsh released Instaweb which is a small tool that makes it developing and testing a single servle in the PLT web server easier.

Dave Herman released csv-write to generate output in csv-format. As a spin-off he also released mysqldump to dump a MySQL database as a csv-file.

Carl Eastlund's combinator library was updated, so was Lizorkin's sxml library and Dignatof's Commander Swift aka cdrswift.

Finally Daniel Yoo released some syntactic sugar for Ruby/Python style generators.


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